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Marilyn’s Mom’s House, Raytown, Missouri: 2010 - 2014

(as told by group founder, Hector Lugo) This is another one of those strange cases were we got two for one: Marilyn and her mother. They’ve both have had all kinds of activity over the years. Marilyn’s mother lives in Raytown, and Marilyn lives in Lee’s Summit (most of our investigations have focused on the Raytown location). . Marilyn’s mother, Raytown, Mo: This house was built back in the mid 1930s, with three bedrooms, attached garage, basement and attic. It also had an attached patio that was later enclosed. Marilyn’s mother reported a lot of strange things were happening. Her most dramatic experience occurred when she was sitting at home watching TV, when all of a sudden a large black male--from the waist up-- showed up at her dining room table and just sat there, staring at her. She stared back and not a word was spoken, after a minute or two the figure just faded away. We found out that back when Marilyn was a teenager, she and some friends would go into the basement and play with a Ouija Board until it scared them. They just threw it away and things have never been the same since. It got to the point where they contacted their priest and asked him to come to the house and bless it. He arrived on a Saturday and  began upstairs and then went to the basement. Marilyn waited for him to return upstairs, but he never did. She went down to check on him and found a wooden cross on her dryer--he was gone without saying a word. She asked him what happened, and he refused to  speak about it, but did advise that needed more than what he could offer. 2010 - When we arrived at her home to investigate, we set up some special video equipment and got some incredible videos of a shadow following me in the basement. It came up through the  concrete basement floor. We captured tons of orb pictures and one excellent picture of a shadow person. We also got some great video  of orbs doing some strange things. 2012 - A camera that we had set up ended up being displaced a few feet from its location in one of the bedrooms. We heard and captured some interesting EVPs, mostly in the basement. Her basement was extremely active.  We have captured some very interesting pictures and EVPs at this location. May 4th, 2013 - It seems like every time we visit this location, we encounter new entities. Maybe a portal has been opened by someone in the past. The fact that hey never closed the Ouija board down after previous sessions may have left the door wide open, and entities took advantage of that. That could explain why we were encountering so  many different entities each time we investigated. As always, we set up our equipment and made our walk around. Everything upstairs was pretty normal, but not down in the basement.  Our K-2s and other equipment would go off for no reason. After a few hours in the basement, we decided to call it an evening and  made plans to return; meanwhile, we did a sage cleansing and a crossing over ceremony that seemed to help for the time being. July 2014 - We captured some great evps, photos and videos of this house. We saw spirits on a couple of trips there. Our cameras would be knocked over and knocks would sound repeatly.  We did a few cleansings and the previously mentioned crossing over ceremony before things finally quieted down. The owner says that they haven’t experienced any more activity since then  and that was July of 2014. We stopped investigating Marilyn’s mother’s house in 2014 after one of her relatives moved in. It should be noted that this relative has mentioned to Marilyn that there  were strange things happening in the house, like sounds, and doors closing. He even thought he had seen someone down the hall, but  he wasn’t sure who it was and left it alone.   Marilyn's house, Lee's Summit, Mo. There were reports of footsteps, a little girl giggling, and her 18  year old son getting punched numerous times in the stomach at about 3 a.m. This happened only on one night. We contacted Arnie, our group minister, who performed two separate cleanings at Marilyn’s and her mother’s. Since then, all activity has pretty much stopped, they will get something once in a while but not mean or threatening like before. .
YouTube video of EVPs captured at Marilyn’s mother’s house in Raytown, Mo