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Kyky’s House, North Carolina: 2007 - 2009

(as told by group founder, Hector Lugo) The KyKy House in Fayetteville, North Carolina was investigated from Feb. 2007 until May of 2009. This is probably the most intriguing of all the investigation to date. This investigation had/has everything you as an investigator would want and more. Edna, Gen, Mary, Pam and I (Hector) have been working this case like no other and we are not done by any means. This is a classic case of the people moving out, a thousand miles away and the spirits followed them. Now, please do not misunderstand me, these are good spirits and very, very protective. We have seen them, talked with them, gotten names and how they died. Some of the things in this report are going to be very hard to believe but let me affirm you, they did happen. We have EVPS, videos and most of all numerous contacts from different members from our group with these six spirits and some of these members did not have to go to N.C to encounter them, the spirits came to us in K.C. These same spirits tend to follow us to some locations and there is a very good reason for that as you'll see in this report. It should be noted that these spirits or the two males have a great sense of humor, they have made us laugh and at times we have had to scold the little boy, Frank, for some of his actions. Nothing harmful or physical to anyone, just little things that are more annoying and sometimes they forget that living people sleep at night which is when they love to play. This report will be very long because I think it warrants it, there is just to much that needs to be told so that other investigators may utilize some of this information in case they ever run into a similar event. This investigation started years ago with numerous phone calls about possible activity in these peoples house (I'll use fictitious names since they really don't want their real names used at this time.) The activity seemed to have started after they arrived home from the hospital with a new baby girl that we will call KyKy. The infant girl was born with some medical defects that still affect her some to this day but she is getting better as time goes on. We believe that this is the main reason that these spirits are present, they are there to protect KyKy and her family. At first it didn't seem to be much activity going on, small things that made you wonder but you ignore it for now and the husband, he was as skeptical as you could get...was. Then we got the call that it seemed that every night at about 3 a. m. the baby would wake up for no reason and just start screaming. They placed a bible on the dresser for extra protection, just in case. Then another call, this time both parents heard a thump hit the floor and the baby started crying. They ran in to see what happened and found the newborn baby in the middle of the floor just lying there and not injured. They also noticed that the bible had been messed with. The parents didn't really know where to go from here and asked if we would do something. This is when Gen and Edna and Mary performed a cleansing of the house from long distance. They instructed the mother what to get and how to set it up and what to say. So blessed, pure white religious candles were purchased and set up according to Marys' instructions. The mother was asked to take pictures each day for seven days to see if she could see anything in the candles. The theory is that this method works like catching moth in a fire light. It attracts the bad ghost and captures them in the candle and then you dispose of the candle according to instructions and it would remove the bad ghost. There was also a container of water with a crystal placed under the bed by the headboard to capture any ghost. This container had to also be properly removed and the water removed without spilling any. Supposedly this particular water that was blessed would also capture bad ghost. The theory being that ghost can not remove itself from blessed water and could properly be disposed of. Now, you're probably like me, yea, sure but I've always been open minded. We are talking about the paranormal world and other dimensions, just because we don't think it can work here because of physics or religious beliefs doesn't mean it can't work.... guess what? It worked, check out these pictures below of the candles (in sequence over 5-6 hours). These are the pictures the mother took during this week process, they are incredible but here they are. Well, things quite down for a few weeks then it started up again. there was knocking, cabinets opening and closing in the kitchen and a broom and mop would be found in the middle of the kitchen floor in an "X" form. At this point it became real obvious that there were visitors in the house. What did they want? They haven't hurt anyone, they just made their presence known. I'm about 1,800 miles away so at this point communication was mostly by phone. Then we started getting interrupted during our phone conversations by what sounded to be a small child's voice or we would start to discuss our options on what to do and the phone would shut of for no reason, this happened on numerous occasions. not just to me but also to Edna when she called. We would set up conference calls and out of nowhere one of us would be dropped out of the conversation. Now we are really curious as to what and who is doing this. Shortly after these incidents I get a call from both parents, there is soot all over their house, like there was a major fire but there wasn't and they can't figure out where the soot was coming from. They cleaned up there house as best as they could and they did save some paper towels with the soot on it. Take a look at this picture of two entities in the kitchen area. Meanwhile, the new born little one, KyKy is still waking up every morning at about 3 a.m. Now she's waking up with screams like something is scaring her or somethings not right. Because of her birth defects, they couldn't exactly say it wasn't something physical with her so they purchased in infrared camera and radios to observe the room at night while she slept. Then her little 4 year old brother started seeing a man in his room at night that would walk from the door and out the window. The man was in a soldier's uniform and had big green eyes but never said a word. Sounded like a residual haunting in his room. He said the man would hide behind a bush out in the front yard. Asked what he was wearing the little boy described what seems to be a civil war uniform. He did say the man was wearing a hat that was pointed at the top that was metal and the uniform was blue. A couple of days later I get a call from the mother that lights are now flickering on and off, the ceiling fan in the living room is turning on and off with nobody in the area and it is controlled by remote control. Toys in the kids room are turning on and off and items left in the dining room table are being relocated to other parts of the house. They purchased balloons for the kids and the next morning the balloons will be found on the other side of the house and these were the type of balloons were you tie the ribbon to an object like a chair so they would not float away but they managed somehow during the night to move thru different rooms into the back of the kitchen area where the washer and dryer were located, this happened numerous times. Pam and I decided it was time to fly down and see for ourselves what was going on. We brought some pretty big sound equipment with us ,a Roland 16 track recorder with Sure stereo surround sound mics and some hand held equipment, cameras, etc. My first thought was because we were there nothing was going to happen, man was I wrong. The moment we walked into the house we knew it was different, the feeling, atmosphere was just thick and tense. The father and his brother were already in the master bedroom ( after a few drinks) trying to provoke whatever they thought was there to come out. The brother who was really wasted even challenged it to a fight, so we had him go out into the living room area and calm down, no sense in trying to explain something to someone in that condition. His brother, the father had him go next door and rest a while and come back after he sobered up, which he did. Now, we don't know what else was said before we arrived but we knew we were put on damage control and hoped that his provoking was ignored by the spirit/spirits present. The first thing we did was set up an infrared camera in the master bedroom, since this is where they thought the activity was coming from, actually in their closet in that room. They sat out in the living room and monitored the scene while I went in with a handheld camera and tried to see what I could find out. That didn't take very long. I wasn't in the room with the lights out but just a couple of minutes when I sensed something coming at me from behind and then I heard the people in the living room start screaming about something they had just seen on the monitor and couldn't believe what they had just seen. I then approached the closet and asked if anybody was in there? If there was if it could please show itself? I recorded the activity with the handheld as a male ghost came to the door frame of the closet, he was all red, like on fire. He looked right at me, turned to the left, back at me and then faded back into the closet. I turned to leave and as I approached the bedroom door it opened and closed, I was still running the camera so I got this on tape also. I then met the people in the living room and asked what all the commotion was about earlier and they explained what had happened. That after a minute or two after I had entered the room a shape or figure was coming at me from behind, then out of nowhere a large white light came out of the top of my head and for just a split second it seemed to have challenged the object and the thing or object took off into the closet, like it was scared. I asked to see the replay and guess what, they forgot to hit record but I still have my recording from in the room. I knew something happened but I had no idea what, still not sure what happened but that incident set the table for the next few years. Things calmed down after that so we cooked out and sat back to just talk in the living room and relax, a couple of beers later and then it started. First it was knocking on the wall right behind the couch we were sitting on, right by the father's head and Pam's. It was as if there was someone in the closet playing with us so we checked and there was nobody in the bedroom. We sat down and again the knocking started and we started responding back, this went on for about 15 minutes or so. Then the ceiling fan came on and the lights started flickering on and off real fast, I mean real, real fast. The father got up thinking that he was sitting on the remote control to the fan but it was in between him and Pam. So he said it's the remote, he must have sat on it so he started turning it on and off as fast as he could go, problem was it took a couple of seconds in between the on and off when he did it manually. He didn't know what to say. So we thought okay, someone is trying to communicate with us, let's set up some equipment. We focused on the dining room table at the other end and that's where I set up the expensive computerized recorder. I mean you had to take a class to learn how to use it but it only took a few switches to activate it but you had to do it manually. Then we started asking yes and no questions trying to find out if we were making contact with a male or female, so on, so on. After a while we asked it if it could move an object for us and we got a red light which meant yes. So we set up an empty beer can on one of the dining room chairs and asked if it could move that can off the chair? Green light -which means no, then across from the dining room table there was a brand new box of baby wipes on a counter that weigh about 2 lbs. It lifted off the counter moved about two feet forward and fell to the floor. The beer can most have been an insult.; We were impressed. Then I noticed the lights to my sound equipment all of sudden go off so I went over to check and it smelled like something electrical was burning. Somehow the buttons that control the on /off switch to record and the on/off switches to run power were turned off but the buttons had deep brown burn marks on them. There was no way, none of us were even within ten feet of the equipment to turn it off but it still works, I now have two burned buttons on my recorder so I left it off, I wasn't going to push my luck with these guys, they didn't want it on. We continued our question session for a while longer but it was late and had already been a long day so we thanked the spirits and told them we were calling it a night and we would continue the next day if it was okay with them? we got a red light and closed it down for that session. The next day we woke up and found out that we had some new information from the session the night before. We had tried to obtain names and were getting answers but were not sure if the names given us were correct. During the night I had been given a couple of names, so let's introduce you to some of the spirits that we have met, please understand that not all the names came from me, I got the two young females, Pam, Gen and Edna were given the other names. Here's the two I got, they were Sonia and Christina. Both were young females in their mid twenties and both were dressed in a long white/cream colored dress. One, I think it was Sonya was wearing what looked to be large dark eyeglasses and had her dark brown hair pulled back and tied with a ribbon. The other young girl was also wearing a white dress and had a red ribbon or belt type cloth around her waist and they were both sitting on some stairs going up the side of a two story white wooden house. They appeared to be from the mid 1850's period and they just sat there and said their names. So that's why I refer to the two young females as Sonya and Christina, it should be noted that Christiana is not shy about seeking help from one of us when she needs it, especially when she was dealing with little Frank. Now the two male spirits that live in this house are also from way back, we had to work to finally get there names but it was well worth it. The one spirit that lives in the closet of the master bedroom goes by the name of Ben. he is a W/M about 5'7" tall and very skinny. He lived in the fork of the road that passed thru the location of the house now, except he lived there back in the 1830's, as a matter of fact he was a victim in the fire that burned down Fayetteville during that time period. He was caught in his house trying to keep it from burning when part of the roof collapsed falling on top of him, he managed to escape with his life but his left leg was burned so bad it had to amputated and he caught an infection from that causing his death. The other male spirit in the house is Arnold, he is a B/M under six foot and was hanged back in the mid 1850's. He was accused of doing something with some white girls. When KyKy's little brother first saw Arnold he told his mom that the black man had his eyes bugging out and his tongue was hanging down on the side of his mouth and that his head rested on one of his shoulders but that he was funny and happy, the little boy really liked Arnold. Arnold and Ben are best friends, they do everything together and love to have fun and are very harmless. When we first started this investigation we thought that maybe they were the ones making all the noise or creating all the activity, boy did they show us who it really was. There are two other spirits in the house, one is another female that goes by the name of Maria, about mid to late 40's and very quiet. She seldom is involved in anything except when she wants some attention, she was just there. The other one was probably 75% of the problems and we now know why, he was so bad at one time that we tried to send him over and Christiana agreed to escort him over but he didn't go and he has not caused hardly any problems since then but I'm getting a little ahead of the report. That last little ghost is Frank, a young little 8 or 9 year boy. He looks Hispanic and has no problems showing himself or letting his voice be heard without equipment. He even called me "Dad" one time on the phone. That night we started again well after the two kids had been asleep for a while. We went into the living room and this time we just ask questions trying to find out as much as we could about and from the spirits. Now some of the information we got that night was on the recorder or EVPS, some of it was from knocks and the other answers came from the spirits lighting up our equipment. It's very interesting because we were all sitting on the far end away from the kitchen area and nobody really noticed what was happening until the mother, I'll call her LuLu went into the kitchen to get something and she stopped in her track and just starred at the wall. She asked us to ask another yes or no question and we did. The equipment on the table lit up like it had been doing and she said that they have a motion detector system that is not hooked up, nor does it have any power to it but when we asked a question it would light up red or green like our equipment on the kitchen table. So we set up some of our equipment under the motion detector and started asking questions Yep, they would light up the same color every time, we even turned off our equipment to make sure somehow there wasn't any interference from our equipment. We even checked the wiring to the detectors and they were not connected There was a detector in the living room, bedroom, hallway and dining area. The spirits taught us how they wanted to communicate and we to this day use this system, it works for us. Well that weekend went by fast and Pam and I had to get back to K.C. but we told them we would see what else we got and would be back if needed but that as far as we could tell the spirits in the house were harmless but very active and loud, that they are there for a reason and since the activity started when they brought KyKy home it may all be related to her and they are just letting you know they are there to help. We would have to continue the investigation and see what else we can come up with. LuLu was told to call every day if she needed, her husband was getting ready to deport overseas to the war zone so she was going to be home alone with her young kids for 18 month. A few weeks had gone by and not much more had changed. The normal toys going on and off, noise in the kitchen areas at night and knocks. Then we got a call from LuLu and her husband that they smelled smoke in the house and there was soot all over but there was no sign of a fire anywhere in the house. I told them to call the fire dept. and let them figure out what was going on. A few minutes later two fire trucks arrive and about 6-8 fireman conduct a search of the house. They looked everywhere, even used there special infrared detector to see if there was a heat exchange in the walls somewhere. after an hour or so the fire Chief could not explain what what was going on, he said that there should be a fire somewhere in the house, there was phyiscal evidence that pointed to a major fire inside of the house but all they could find was soot all over and the smell of a fire. As four fireman and the Chief were standing in the living room trying to explain what was going on a figure of a dark shadow man walked between them and the large screen t.v. Three of the firemen took off and went back to the fire trucks, the Chief reached in his wallet, got out one of his business cards, wrote down his home phone number and told LuLu and her husband,"well that explains everything, your house is haunted, call someone in and if they need verification here is my business card and my home phone number, if you get someone, please call me, that he would love to be there when they investigate the place." He then bid farewell and joined his fellow fireman and left. LuLu called me back with infor on what had just happened. I informed her to just keep track of what was going on for a while and see where this leads, nobody has been phyisally hurt by any of the activity...yet. Now we did continue to have conference calls between LuLu, Edna and myself and sometimes other people and Edna and I decided it was time to visit LuLu's home again. This is now about September of 2007 and we thought a week there for Pam and I would be interesting, Edna, who is from the Florida branch of the 10th Dimension Group, flew down that Friday for the weekend. That first night we did some normal question and answer stuff with the spirits and that went as expected but that night was a bit different. First we were trying to figure out where we would sleep for the night, Edna decided she would sleep in the little boys room. So she went in there and noticed there were toys scattered all over the floor and started to put some in the toy box. One was a little robot that had red eyes that lit up when you turned it on. Edna picked it up and placed it in the toy box. She turned around to get more toys and there was the robot on the other side of the room on the floor! We looked at each other and then she stated: "I am not sleeping in this room, you can." and I watched her move the toy. Of course brave old me didn't say a word, after what I just witness I didn't volunteer to sleep in that room either, Pam and I would sleep on their long couch and Edna had the blow up mattress.  At about 3:30 in the morning I was woke up by voices, there were people talking over by the kitchen table and I could hear them but I couldn't make out what they were saying but it was a conversation between a few people. I tried to wake up Edna but she just wouldn't wake up. That morning I tried to explain to them what had happened and Edna said that she also woke up during the night but that she had turned on her recorder and recorded a female voice saying that her name was "Maria" and a male voice that said his name was not Anderson but Arnold, that's how we got two more of the names of the spirits in the house. Edna will hopefully better explain this later in the narrative. Well, for a few months things didn't change much except for the little boy ghost, Frank, he just didn't understand that humans sleep at night and that's when he liked to play with the toys or run around the house getting the dogs to bark. Frank was asked numerous times to stop bothering people at night and he would stop for a short while but then he would start up again. He wasn't mean, just a little 8-9 year old kid ghost that wanted to play and may have been a little jealous of what the kids had.  Later that year LuLu and her kids came up to K.C. to visit and we're not sure but we thought that maybe a couple of the spirits may have followed them up. When we took pictures we would get some great orb pictures but only around the kids and we didn't have any orb pictures before they arrived or I had not noticed them. So next time they were going to come over I took a bunch of pictures about a hundred all over the house and no orbs, same camera. They arrived and I took about 30 pictures of the kids and just about all of them had orbs around them and I mean real bright pretty colored orbs. I don't know if this proves anything but we like to include everything in our investigations until we elimenate it as evidence. This was in 2008, same thing happened in 2009 and 2010. Every time they visit the atmosphere would change enough were you notice it if you were looking for it but it did not effect the kids or anyone else, it was just something as an investigator I wanted to keep track of for future investigations. To see if I could establish some kind of pattern or trend with ghost and there attachments to young kids. We'll see, it's way to early in the investigation to tell yet, it may take years but I'm a pretty patient individual. We'll see where this goes if anywhere. In 2008 LuLu was on one of her trips taking KyKy to see one of her many doctors when her son said, Mom, there's a lady in the seat with them, sitting next to KyKy. LuLu couldn't see the lady but her son insisted that she was there. There was another time when LuLu bought some balloons for KyKy, I think it was for her birthday. LuLu had placed the balloons in the dining room area and went to do something when she heard this strange sound. She went to check to see what it was and the balloon had somehow gotten wrapped around the ceiling fan and was bumping on the ceiling every time the fan rotated. LuLu had enough and yelled that whoever took the balloon to get it down, now! LuLu said that she stood there in amazment as the balloon string unwrapped itself from the fan and slowly was brought back to her. all she could do was say thank you and explain that they needed permission to play with things. LuLu called and I asked if she had taken pictures or anything? Now you have to understand that she is living in her house and that she is not really use to having ghost in the house but she deals with them, so she does not walk around with a camera or recorder unless we ask her too. But with everything that we have seen and documented from their house there is no reason not to believe what she is telling us is not true. There is nothing for her to gain by making up stories, she truly believes these incidents happen and we believe her. There's just no reason not to, we know what we have seen and heard and it's right in line with everything else that is occurring in that house. Well in 2008 Edna decided to contact one of the t.v. ghost hunting shows and e-mailed them a couple of times to see if they would come down and investigate. This particular group made claims that it would investigate a haunting if it involved a child. We heard nothing, so Edna mentioned it to a good friend of hers that worked at St. Augustine lighthouse and finally a phone call was made from some paranormal group from Ashville, N.C. They explained that they had been contacted by this t.v. group and would be glad to come down and check out the claims and arrangements were made. We got the name of the group and the lady in charge and they too had done numerous t.v. specials and claimed to have a good reputation. They arrived on a Saturday and went thru all the formalities and set up to investigate. LuLu said that they tried to be so secretive and really didn't want her to tag along but LuLu insisted, plus LuLu already knew basically what was happening and who some of the ghost were and was curious to see what they would come up with. The leader of the group got very excited because the lights began to flicker on and off and there was contact made by knocking, that in the years they had been investigating they have never had that experince, they had only heard of it. So they decided to place one of there investigator in the bedroom closet and see what she could get, per LuLu's request. The investigator wasn't in there very long when she came running out of the room and joined the others in the living room saying that whatever was in there had just knocked in the closet and it was right by her head. LuLu said the investigator was very startled by the event. A short time later the group decided they were going to leave and would contact LuLu if they thought they should come back for a follow up investigation based on the review of the evidence they gathered. LuLu thanked them and asked them some obvious questions but they refused to answer, that they would get back with her, they would probably call her in a week or two and they left. About 30 minutes later she got a call from the lady in charge of the group wanting to know when they could come back? That the expernices they encountered in her house were some of the best ghostly encounters they have had. LuLu said that would be fine and we could make arrangements later. LuLu called me with some concerns from the group on how they reacted by running and being so secretive about something she knew more about then they did. She did like some of the documatation procedures they used and she did like one of the male mediums they had that agreed to take her with him but overall she didn't know if she would have them back because they were there for all that time and couldn't tell her anything about what was happening and she knew or had a good idea of what was in her house. The group and LuLu played phone tag for about a year but could never get a date that would work for both of them. Meanwhile we kept conducting our investigation, not that we are better then this other group but we have no secrets, you as a home owner or client are invited to investigate with us and be part of our team and we'll try to explain the obvious to you at the end of the investigation and if more evidence comes up later we'll add it to our report or debunk some bad information we gave you earlier. We wanted a second opinion from another paranormal group and we got one from that group, when they had expereinces in the house they thought were paranormal we knew we were on the right track, so thank you to that other group that helped investigate her home. We continued with our phone calls and occassional weekend investigation of the house and things pretty much stayed the same until LuLu called one day saying that she thought that maybe there might be a knew ghost in her house and she didn't really care for this one. We got more information and decided to cross this ghost over since that is what we think it was looking for, some help to move on. So I explained to LuLu what we needed, seven candles, a little boat made of paper, a bell and some other small items to see if we could do this. I was trying to do it over the phone with LuLu doing the actual ceremony at home. We went thru the process of setting up all the candles in proper order and started the ceremony. Now part of the ceremony is near the end the ghost is to go between two special candels onto the boat and ride across to the other side where there would be spirits to greet him and escort him across. Well, when we got to the part were the ghost had to go between the last two candles we heard a mans voice ask "can I at least have pearly gate?" This was on LuLU's tape recorder as an EVP. Who says ghost and spirits do not have a good sense of humor; We still laugh at that to this day. Maybe we were being to serious that night but hey, he crossed over because LuLu says that she has not picked up on him since that night and that's been about a year or so ago. LuLu and her husband decided to get the house alarm system activated so they called in a company to come in and set it up. A young man from the company arrived and he redid all the wiring and he was near the end. All he had to do was tie in the final wires to the alarm detector box and confirm it works. So he screwed in the wires and went about 10 feet down the hall to check the box and it didn't work so he went back to the wire box and all his wires were pulled out. He reset them and went back to the main box and again this did not work, back to the other box and again his wires were pulled loose. This went on for 5-6 times and finally he asked LuLu to come over and he asked, "Is your house haunted?" LuLu asked him what makes you say that? He replied that evry time he sets his wires and checks the other box and returns all his wires have been pulled and it's only like 10 seconds away? LuLu told him, "yes, our house is haunted , it's probably Ben or Arnold messing with you,." so she told them out loud to stop messing with him so the alram system can be fixed. The worker tried it again and this time there were no problems, worked like it should have 6 tries ago and no wires were pulled out. The worker said he had to call his boss and LuLu said okay, thinking it was about his work, instead he got all excited on the phone telling his boss what just happened. Good thing they had the alarm system fixed and that is because of the next incident. Later that year the K.C. branch and the Florida branch of the10th Dimension had gotten together and we were investigating the St. augustine lighthouse. We were all but done and Faith had us in her office showing us some pictures that other people had taken in the lighthouse when I got a phone call from LuLu. She was all excited and went on to explain the following incident. This is very late at night or early morning when she calls. That she was sound asleep and and the alarm system in the house all of a sudden went off, she thought there might be an intruder in the house so she grabbed her ballbat and started going thru the house checking to see who was there. The dogs were in the back yard but they had not barked and they do a lot of barking if they think someone is coming near thier property. LuLu went from room to room and finally went into KyKy's room and there she saw KyKy half way off the bed with the cord of the machine that gives her treatment wrapped around her neck and she was having a hard time breathing. LuLu picked KyKy up untangled the cord and noticed that she was alright and started crying but she went back to sleep. LuLu called the alarm response company number and asked them why they had not called or responded to the alarm she just had? They checked there records and said that they have not received an alarm from her residence and to make sure they had LuLu set it off and they got that one. We think that one of the spirits in LuLu's house set off the alarm but only in the house so LuLu could save KyKy. LuLu thanked them and told them that as long as that is what they are there for that they are more then welcome to stay. LuLu even went out and bought them some balloons of their own and gave it to them to play with... now they can be kinda like tattletales. They will tell more things espically when it involves little Frank, cause they know that when he gets that attitude he gets carried away sometimes causing havoc so they tell on him before they get accused. Just so you would know everybody that was at the St. Augustine lighthouse that night heard the conversation, we even had LuLu repeat it numerous times so we all could understand what just happened, it was just amazing. The Battleship! This happened in 2009, so I'll just touch on it because of Frank, otherwise the Battleship U.S.S. North Carolina is an investigation on it's own. LuLu had heard rumors about the USS N.C. Battleship being haunted and wanted to know if we wanted to go see and investigate it. So we loaded up and left the next moring and got there just as it was opening fot the day. There was a handful of people there and no kids except for the two we had. We spent about four hours on the ship covering as much as we could and when you see that report you'll see some incredible pictures. Anyway we were down in the mess hall part of the ship, it was closed off to the kitchen areas, doors were locked and they had clear plastic up so you couldn't go inside of those areas , it was also about 4 feet high to the line trey area so a small child would have a very hard time climbing it and getting over the line. To this day I still don't know why I took the sequence of pictures that are below . All I know is that I'm glad I did because we are pretty sure that the little ghost boy in the pictures is "Frank" from LuLu's house, he followed us to the ship as of part of the family trip. If you look at the pictures you'll see that he has no facial features but spots were the eyes and nose should be and look at how long his arms are and there is no flesh on them, it appears to be just bone . You should also know that the camera I used takes about 10 pictures in about 2- seconds, so it's kind of like a slow motion movie camera when I have it set on blast mode. What I'm getting at is this. Look at where the boy starts out in the first picture, then where he is at in the second, third until he notices I'm taking pictures and he just disappears. See how far and fast he moves from spot to spot, there is no walking motion, he just keeps re-appearing at his next location. Just an incredible sequence of photos of a little boy ghost. From what I know of Frank is somewhat interesting because I'm not sure if I really got all the information that he tried to tell me that same night. When we returned and saw what we had we just started discussing what or who it could be. We knew there were no kids on this part of the ship except our two and one was a girl, the other was a blonde hair little 4 year old that was with us on our side of the serving area of the mess hall when I took these photos. We went to sleep and I was on the mattress on the living room floor asleep and for some strange reason I woke up at about 3 in the morning and there next to me was the shadow of a small boy. He was just standing there, fully clothed and he was soaked, so soaked that water was just gushing off him, like he had just gone swimming., I mean water was just dripping all over the place, he made some kind of sound and disappeared. I work Edna up and told her what just happened and wondered if maybe Frank was trying to tell us in his own way that he had drowned when he was a kid about 8-9 years of age. There was no water anywhere in the area I saw him. Here's another sequence of pictures that we captured in the communication room of the battleship. Kyky noticed a spirit and pointed it out to us. We think it's a black sailor; notice there's nothing in front of the light, then a dark shadow appears, and then it disappears again. Once we did research on the USS North Carolina battleship, we found that this battleship was one of the first ships to allow black sailors on board. I think that this was Franks way of saying good-bye. We did not have any further encounters with Frankie after that night but we did with the other spirits. We think Frankie liked the Battleship U.S.S. North Carolina so much that he decided to stay there. About a year ago while watching one of the tv ghost shows, don't remember which one, a quick clip of a video was played of a little boy ghost caught in the excact same area and it was the same little boy ghost I had on was Frankie. To this day we think that he is still there. This is Nov. of 2012 and we will once in a blue moon have one of the spirits from that house let us know they are still around and LuLu has since moved to another state and does have some activity but nothing like she had when Frankie was around. At the present time we are just leaving things alone and hoping Frankie doesn't get tired of the ship and decides to return. He is extremely hard to control and get rid of. Here is a YouTube video for EVP evidence we captured at KyKy's house: And here are 2 more photos of Ben:  
Sequence of pictures taken during 7 day candle cleansing--note the pictures captures in the candles
Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4
Shadow entities making themselves known in the kitchen
Here is the series of pictures of Frank shown in sequence:
Frank #1
Frank #2
Frank #3
Frank #4
Frank #5
Frank #6
Shadow #4
Kyky points out a spirit
Shadow #1
Shadow #2
Shadow #3
Shadow #4
Ben in room (yellow orb)
Ben's face (in TV)