Meanness is the means to an end. Kindness is the road to eternity.”
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10th Dimension Paranormal Group

Founded in February, 2006…

…the 10th Dimension Paranormal Group has established itself as one of the most successful paranormal groups in the Midwest. We stay very low key and only investigations by word of mouth. We try to help the living as well as the deceased when we conduct our investigations. Our group is founded on the belief that there may be more to just life on this plane; that God didn't create only the Earth and its inhabitants.  As a paranormal group, we conduct our research in a scientific and spiritual research format. The evidence we present to our clients can include: pictures, videos, audio, or personal experiences that are encountered, such as cold spots, a touch, a light or a sound. We debunk photos, videos, etc., as much as possible before we present our evidence to our client, so they may form their own opinion. At times, it may be necessary for us to conduct investigations for several years at a location in order to determine what paranormal events are occurring, and then assisting our client in resolving the problem. We are not like the paranormal shows you see on television. We do have some of the same equipment used by some of those shows, and we do utilize some of the same investigating methods. However, we usually do not spend all night (10-12 hours) at a location conducting an investigation. Our first investigation is normally three to four hours, especially if it's in a home containing children. The first meeting is mostly about obtaining information, getting a feel of the location, and making sure that the location is in need of investigation. We will make arrangements to return if necessary, and continue investigating as needed. This way the client becomes accustomed to us, and we may have a better chance of obtaining paranormal evidence (spirits and entities don't always make themselves known at specific times). When we start something, we like to finish it and present our client with the evidence that was collected. We always conclude our investigations to the satisfaction of the client-- cleansings, counseling, etc.--just about anything except exorcisms. We can make referrals in the event an exorcism is necessary.

Shadow Figure/Apparition

Figure captured at Trans- Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in Weston, WV in 2015 (click on photo to enlarge)