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Missouri and Kansas: 2013

(as told by group founder, Hector Lugo) Here is a summary of 2013 cases; some of these are only mentioned as cases completed due to the client’s request of confidentiality. It should be noted that in 2013 we had 41 separate events that includes radio and TV segments and interviews, speaking engagements, appearances, conference, meetings and actual cases. As far as actual cases go, we had 30 investigations and all of them where in the Kansas and Missouri regions. We had requests from Indiana, California, Ohio, St. Louis and Florida which we could not do, but did recommend another group in their area. Feb. 9th - Marsha’s House, Merriam, Ks. This was an interesting case. Marsha stated that they kept hearing a small girl in the house and her kids had seen a small girl in the bathtub full of water. Marsha sent me a picture of all four chairs from her dining room table lying on the floor. We captured some interesting video and actually had a ball move from the wall to the middle of the living room floor, about 10 feet. Some activity with some of the equipment, such as the K-2 meter going off numerous times. They also had some writing on the bedroom ceiling down in the basement. When they painted over it, it continued to return. It said “Hell” in red paint. We did a special sage cleansing and that seemed to clear the activity for them. Feb. 16th – Topeka, Ks. An apartment that had some activity for some time. They kept hearing strange sounds and seeing things out of the corner of their eyes. We captured a real interesting video of some strange dark matter floating across one of the cameras in the living room. The flashlight and lasers started going off like there was no tomorrow and we couldn’t debunk why. Mar. 2nd – Fat Matt’s Bar downtown Kansas. This use to be a funeral home back in the mid 1800’s until mid 1900’s before it was converted into a bar. The activity was mostly down in the basement where they performed cremations and autopsies and kept the cooler for the bodies. They claim people have been seeing a lady in white and the lights would come on and off.  During our investigation we captured some interesting info that had the owner kind of freaked out.  We started talking to some entities in German and they gave us the last name of Steins and that they had left Germany just before WWII to get away from Hitler’s rule but not all of them made it. We captured some very interesting Orbs going in and out of the crematorium. We presented the evidence to the owner and she invited us to come back whenever we liked. We returned one more time before she sold it. Mar. 23rd – Fort Osage, Sibley, Mo. This is a very active location. We with the cooperation of the Fort’s staff, we have investigated this location about four different times before we did a fundraiser for them on Nov. 9th. Over 300 people showed up for that event, as well as a radio station covered it. Ft. Osage was built by Lewis & Clark back in the early 1800s as part of the Louisiana Purchase. It’s on top of a large hill overlooking the Missouri River at a bend. It was also a great location for Native American Indians, so they set up villages around the Fort.  From the first day until the date of the fundraiser, we obtained all kinds of evidence. We received names of people that were confirmed by the Fort’s staff. We have EVPs of Indians chanting or singing, a mountain lion roar, a picture of what appears to be a floating head in one of the towers and other evidence. The staff that works there has reported numerous sounds of footsteps, and have said that they would almost expect someone to walk into the room, only to check and find nothing in their location. One person saw a solider standing guard at one of the towers and described his uniform, only to find out that there were no re-enactors scheduled for that day. That spirit even acknowledged him and nodded as he nodded back, then he turned his head and looked back and the solider was gone. The only way out was the door he was standing by; he went in and checked out the tower and there was nobody inside. The person couldn’t have jumped, as it’s about 20 feet up and he would have heard that. Two staff members from the Fort and I went down to the main trading post and the cooking area and encountered incredible activity at the kitchen area. It lit up all of our K-2 meters to red and started answering questions for about 20 minutes before the entity left. The spirit did give us a name, and the staff couldn’t believe it because it was the name of Captain Sibyl’s cook at the time. They said that over the years they would see and hear the same noise in that area--it was always the same wooden spoon being thrown--and there would be nobody there. We captured a white mist in the original sub-basement area and in one of the towers. During the fundraiser we had had the K-2 meters go off when people would ask questions. Some people claimed that they were touched, and some could feel something but couldn’t explain what it was (but that it wasn’t something they had felt before). This came from several different people at different times in the same tower that had the cannon upstairs. We also captured some very interesting EVPs from what appeared to be soldiers complaining of women being in their tower. We captured some interesting pictures also. The fundraiser was very interesting, for just $7.00 per person, we had 169 people waiting at the doors before we even opened and ended up with right at 300 people showing up for the event. Some people captured some interesting pictures and EVPs and others experienced some kind of encounter, such as a touch, cold spot or their K-2 meters would respond to their questions by going to different color lights. April 27th - Boonville, Mo. We went to Boonville again and spent the night. The first case was a house just on the outskirts of Boonville,  across the Missouri River in a small sub-division that was an original railroad house built in the early 1900s.  The house was very small and had two stories. The activity was taking place upstairs in the kids’ room. There were two young girls, one two years old and the other four. The two year old had refused to sleep in her bed for over a year because of the man in her room. This room did pick up some K-2 activity, but not much more than that. So I sat on the bed with some of our team members, along with the two year old with her mother. I asked the two year old what she was seeing. According to her mother, she described her grandfather (or “Pop-Pop”) who had died before the girls were born. I went into the other room by myself and tried speaking with “Pop-Pop” and tried to explain to him that he was scaring his granddaughters and needed to stop. The mother called me over and said that the two year old had fallen asleep on her bed for the first time in over a year. We checked on the client a few months later and were advised that the little girl would sleep in her bed once in awhile, but most of the time she would sleep with her sister. We returned to Linda’s house in Boonville and proceeded to set up our equipment there. There was a strange feeling in the house, almost like they had taken it over and weren’t ready to leave. The first thing we did was focus on the lower level where some offices and the dining area were located. The room furthest away kept getting the attention of our group member Diana, so we tried that room first. Right away the K-2 meters started going off, as did some other equipment. We could also smell some kind of odor that we couldn’t explain. As we were in that room we could hear knocks and a cabinet door in the corner opened, as did a closet door down the hall. We went upstairs next and set up video equipment on the third level of the house and placed cameras in another dining area, along with  three other rooms. Right away we captured an awesome video of an object going right by us in the hallway, as well as a large orb materialize from the ceiling in the master bedroom and land on the bed. The objects left, heading out the door and down the hallway. We were taking pictures the entire time and captured some interesting scenes that we are still trying to debunk. As we were walking upstairs, I went to a back stairway that leads out to the backyard, and as soon as I opened the door I was hit with a strong smell of something burning. I had everyone go out into the stairs and see if they could sense anything, and they all smelled it too. We just couldn’t explain where the smell was coming from. We checked all over and couldn’t find the source, and when we returned later the smell had gone. The area of the house where we noticed the burning smell was part of the original house that caught fire right after the Civil War. Was this a residual smell of that incident..? We continued investigating for a few more hours with minor encounters, so we decided to call it a night. May 11th – Randy’s House, Kansas. This was a large, newer home in Kansas, and our client kept saying he had a young boy spirit hanging around the upper stair landing. That they had actually seen rails on the stairs rotate with nobody in the area. There was no real history to the house since it was built new and only a couple of years old and had been built on old farm land. We set up our video and audio equipment and proceeded with the investigation and did capture some interesting pictures and EVPs, but no video that we consider paranormal. June and July - We didn’t conduct any major investigations during these months so we could prepare for our annual Kansas City Paracon conference in August, along with numerous television segments and our Biography special on “My Ghost Story Caught On Camera.” August - Cheryl’s House, Independence, Mo. We have investigated this house a couple of times previously. It was built at the turn of century and numerous activity has been documented at this location over the years. We have some pretty good videos and EVPs from this location, as well as numerous personal experiences. Since we have last been there the house has been remodeled, and it seems the activity has slowed down for now.   August - Abby’s Apartment, North Kansas City, Mo. Below is an excellent picture of the spirit residing at this location. Just so you’ll know, when I took this picture it was only Pam and me in the unit at the time, and Pam has silver hair. We heard a sound similar to a bell going off, so I turned and took several photos. We came to find out that the spirit was killed by a drunk driver back in the early 70s, that she was pregnant at the time and had two other small kids. This information was confirmed by another resident who lived below Abby and knew the lady when she was alive.
YouTube videos containing evidence obtained by our team at Fort Osage at various investigations
Click on photos for larger pictures and explanation of empty apartment and then pic of entity
Orb picture captured at Ft Osage cemetery