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Missouri & Kansas Summary: 2018

(as told by group founder, Hector Lugo) This year was interesting as well. We did our Ft. Osage, Missouri Town, Blue Springs Pub Crawl, Comicon and K.C. Paracon. We also had three new members join our group. We did an article with the K.C. Star newspaper and a couple of radio interviews as well. As in previous years not all cases are discussed due to the peoples wanting confidentiality and we honor that request. Toby’s place: We started out 2018 with Toby’s place out in Buckner, Mo. That is an incredible location. I highly recommend that you if you get a chance stop by and check out the Labyrinth. There are numerous entities at the location of not only Human Spirits but of Animals as well and all are friendly. We were out there at least twice and each time it’s different. Independence House: This was interesting due to the fact that the spirits present at this location were being brought in by a young 14-year-old girl that had ability but didn’t know how or what was going on till we explained it to her. Hopefully she’ll be able to work on her abilities over the years and get much better t controlling them. We investigated this house twice. Movement Under The Covers: Our team worked on a particularly complex and compelling case beginning early in the year involving a female client. While our client was sleeping in bed, she was awakened to see apparitions (a figure with a hood, a skeletal apparition, and women dressed in pioneer type clothing). This activity had also been occurring at homes she had lived at prior, so it seems to be following her from house to house. Because of this activity, she started videotaping her bedroom at her current residence, trying to obtain proof. She has obtained some very interesting videos involving her bedding moving while she’s sleeping, along with spoken words, some of which we can make out. (She had not been able to hear the words prior to her videotaping.) She is not the one moving under the covers in the following video clips; it seems that something UNDER the covers is what’s moving, but she has yet to be awakened by any of this type of activity. Prior to this, when she awoke to see apparitions, she said she’s not sure why she even woke up—she just woke up and they were there! Our client had purchased an eagle claw chair at one of her previous houses about 30 years ago, which she refinished and reupholstered and has brought with her from house to house over the years. It is in her current bedroom, and our team feels there may be a spirit from a previous owner connected to that chair (see photo below). Apparently these types of chairs are very old. Our client has given her permission to post the following videos. Please take a look and see what you think is going on. In this first video, the audio sounds like “Please don’t go.”
Covers are moving and unknown audio in this video.
In this video—you can clearly see an orb/light go across the wall around her bed. Her cell phone is plainly laying on her nightstand and it is not car headlights. There is no audio in this one.
And here’s a photo of the old chair our client had refinished, that we think a spirit may be attached to.
  In this video, you see the covers moving but can’t quite make out the words.
We did our own documentation to verify what was happening and we also captured some interesting evidence. We finally did a major cleansing once we had a better grip on what was going on. It turned out to be two adult spirits with a boy child and his dog. They were of the grounds and just wanted to communicate and let her know of their presence. At no time did these spirits make an effort to disrupt or cause any harm. After the cleansing, she still had some residual effects from all the previous activity but that slowly went away. Richmond House: This was an old house from the turn of the century and was lived in by a school teacher that apparently liked young boys. There was a death in the house and there was some activity at times that caused enough concern to the owner that they gave us a call. The house is two stories tall with an attic and basement. The attic and basement were of the old kind that just gave you the creeps because of the age and the way they were built. Along with this house we also investigated the Richmond Museum. This is a three-story facility also with a basement and is having all kinds of activity. Our K-2’s were going off in certain locations and we couldn’t explain why. The Director of the museum had died like three months before we arrived. We also captured some other activity while there and plan on returning in the near future to set up more equipment to see what we can capture, if anything. Marylin’s Mom’s house: This is the oldest case we have been doing, it’s been going on for over 13 years now and we keep returning and dealing with different spirits each time. Yes, when they were younger about 55 years ago they played with a Ouija board and think they opened a portal and it has been a hard one to close or we closed it and a lot of spirits were stuck on this side and do an excellent job of hiding every time we go over. Some of the activity includes seeing a confederate drummer boy about 14 yrs. old, cameras being knocked around, footsteps upstairs while we are in the basement and nobody’s upstairs. The owner was sitting at her dining room table eating dinner and watching T.V. when in the chair next to her a large black male from the torso up appeared and she said they just stared at each other for a couple of minutes before he faded away. We have some awesome videos and EVP’S from there over the years. They’ve had priest come over and try to bless the house and that has not worked. We’ve done a few cleansings and crossing over and it seems to work until the owner or someone staying there opens the door again and brings other spirits in. It kind of has become our training and practice location. Ft. Osage: Again, we had a great turnout for the forts annual investigation. Every time we do this event someone captures some really cool stuff, especially with pictures. We seem to get a lot of activity from the K-2’s and flashlights. Keep track on the Ft. Osage website for next year’s event so you can be the next to try and capture something cool. Union Hall: This was an interesting case. They have actually seen the spirit of a female come in thru the doors and roam around the halls until it disappeared. We captured a couple of decent EVPS while there. This use to be a surgical center a few years back. We plan on returning and doing another investigation. Kansas City Paracon: One of our best events yet, awesome speakers, great food and drinks and an incredible turn-out. This event is getting bigger every year as well as better. It was held at the Ivanhoe Masonic Lodge at 8600 Holmes in K.C., MO. Always on the first weekend of August. Miller Mausoleum: Located in Holden, Mo. off of 131 Hwy, it’s an awesome three story structure just off the road on 15 acres of private land. We captured an awesome picture that has been reviewed by three different programs and each program could not debunk it. Viv and Kelly also captured a great EVP of a little girl. We set up and were there from 11:00 a.m. till 7 pm. Here is an EVP from the Miller Mausoleum where what appears to be a child answers our question regarding a toy: “Yes.” Missouri. Town: This is an incredible event with the Jackson County Parks and Recreation. It is a city located at Lake Jacomo. All the buildings are from the 1850’s – 1860’s. They were taken apart and relocated to this location. We try to give tours of four to five different structures with different types of investigations at each location. This year we wanted 75 tickets sold and ended up with close to 150. The K.C. Star and Channel 41 T.V. station joined us this year. We had some great activity as well that was captured by both the Star newspaper and the Channel 41. The RemPod went off for a few minutes in the Black Smith house that was videoed. The tavern had two awesome EVP’S captured by Joe. Channel 41 had the best activity. At the Squire house the K-2 kept going to red. A cabinet door opened while the camera man was looking at it and the flashlight came on a couple of seconds later.
This audio clip is quite chilling! Someone is saying “let me be.”