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Missouri & Kansas Summary: 2018 (so far…)

Movement In The Covers: Our team has been working on a particularly complex and compelling case since early this year involving a female client. While our client has been in sleeping in bed, she has awakened to see apparitions (a figure with a hood, a skeletal apparition, and women dressed in pioneer type clothing). This activity had also been occurring at homes she had lived at prior, so it seems to be following her from house to house. Because of this activity, she started videotaping her bedroom at her current residence, trying to obtain proof. She has obtained some very interesting videos involving her bedding moving while she’s sleeping, along with spoken words, some of which we can make out. (She had not been able to hear the words prior to her videotaping.) She is not the one moving under the covers in the following video clips; it seems that something UNDER the covers is what’s moving, but she has yet to be awakened by any of this type of activity. Prior to this, when she awoke to see apparitions, she said she’s not sure why she even woke up—she just woke up and they were there! Our client had purchased an eagle claw chair at one of her previous houses about 30 years ago, which she refinished and reupholstered and has brought with her from house to house over the years. It is in her current bedroom, and our team feels there may be a spirit from a previous owner connected to that chair (see photo below). Apparently these types of chairs are very old. Our client has given her permission to post the following videos. Please take a look and see what you think is going on. In this first video, the audio sounds like “Please don’t go.”
Covers are moving and unknown audio in this video.
In this video—you can clearly see an orb/light go across the wall around her bed. Her cell phone is plainly laying on her nightstand and it is not car headlights. There is no audio in this one.
This one is quite chilling! Audio definitely says “let me be.”
And here’s a photo of the old chair our client had refinished, that we think a spirit may be attached to.
  In this video, you see the covers moving but can’t quite make out the words.