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Missouri and Kansas: 2012

(as told by group founder, Hector Lugo) Marci’s house, Ks. This young lady actually came to one of our conferences to talk with me and had documented numerous pages of incidents that her family had kept over a year’s time. She sent me a photo of all four of her kitchen table chairs being knocked over at once. Her three kids (ages from 4 to 14 years old) had said they had seen a little Mexican girl in a white dress floating in the bathtub. In doing some research it turns out the people that lived there before them was a Mexican family who they just up and moved one day without saying a word to anyone, so you can only speculate on what happened for them to leave in that manner. We did a couple of investigations and captured some interesting things. One incident occurred when I was in the living room setting up some cameras, and I set up a large blue ball by the wall because I thought that may be a good trigger object. As I was leaving the room to check on the camera, I turned just in time to see that blue ball roll from the wall and roll about 8 to 10 feet and stop in the middle of the wooden floor (that was pretty warped).  I called everyone in and we tried to get it to do it again, including even rolling it numerous times ourselves, but the ball would never stop anywhere near the original location. It would keep rolling to one side of the room or another. Diana entered the room and challenged the spirit on what happened, and it got ugly from there between her and that spirit; needless to say, Diana learned her lesson from that one incident and to this date has never challenged another spirit. Cheryl’s son’s house. This was another very interesting case with some of the best EVPs and video that we have captured to date. At one time, this wa a house attached to a slaughter farm of cattle, and most of the documented incidents took place in the basement. They had seen a little girl down there as well as an older man in a cowboy outfit. They had heard and seen a big wheel bike being ridden in circles in the basement, but couldn’t see who was on it. This was a small house with two bedrooms upstairs (where the attic had been converted to these two rooms),  a master bedroom downstairs with a kitchen and dining room, entry room in front and another small one in back. This house was pretty old considering you had to pull a chain to turn on every light in the dining room and some other rooms. While we were setting up equipment, we noticed all four dining room lights go out at once while the other lights in the house stayed on. We checked the breaker and all was good. That was pretty interesting because we tried to duplicate that event but couldn’t. We captured a video of what appears to be a shadow person down in the basement moving back and forth on the wall away from everything,  just above the washer and dryer. We also captured some interesting videos of what appears to be a small child standing behind some toys we set up in the basement. Here is probably the best incident of all, not because of what happened, but because of how it happened. Cheryl and her brother, Jeff, and his daughter and son (who were in their late teens at the time), were sitting at a table in the front entry which is also where we were keeping our boxes of equipment we had set up. Jeff was telling Cheryl that if a ghost appeared, he would take off. Cheryl asked him “What about the kids?” He basically said “screw them”--he was out of there! At that exact time, the box we had some heavy equipment in and had placed a camera on that was working, actually made a loud bang and moved, not once but twice. Diana and I were in the basement when we heard them all screaming my name. We ran up and after they explained what happened, so we played back the video and just as they said, it was captured on video, audio and all. Needless to say, they moved to another part of the house, dining room and Jeff kept pretty quiet the rest of the time. We also captured one of our all-time best EVPs in that same front entry. I was standing there talking with Cheryl and Jeff when Diana came to the doorway and said “check this out” as her K-2 was going to red and another piece of equipment was going from 0.00 to about 34 and making weird sounds. I mentioned to Diana, “I know, they want their toys!” Then you hear it as loud and clear as possible: a male spirits voice say “TOYS!!” Another time Diana and I were with Cheryl on the stairs near the top to the attic, when Diana out of the blue says “the little girl said she’s scared.” We played back the recorder and there it was: a little girl saying “I’m scared”. Later that next year, the house was remodeled and the activity has seemed to have come to a stop for now. We did investigate that house about three different times before it seemed to have stopped. Doug’s house, Lee’s Summit, Mo. This too was interesting. The house is in a pretty new subdivision and the father Doug, who is an R.N. working at a local hospital kept complaining that there were some things going on in his house. At first he thought that maybe it was just him till his wife said she had on a couple of different days had seen what seemed to be a shadow going from the living room into the kitchen. He said there were things going on that he couldn’t explain and whatever it was he wanted removed. We arrived and right away Angela and Diana picked up on something different about the small dining room area that only held the dining room table. We set up some hand-held equipment in there and kept getting activity but we couldn’t figure out what or who was causing this. Little David, one of our members kept walking around but as soon as he thought he could close in on it, it moved on him. We did capture a decent photo of what appears to be a very dark shadow person sitting on a chair by the window in that small dining room. But here’s what is very interesting, a few months later Doug and his wife decided to buy a new dining room table so they sold the old one. A couple of weeks after they sold the table to the people that bought it they called Doug back and told him to come and get his dining room table back that it was “Haunted”!! Doug told them that it was theirs and he wasn’t taking it back. Robert’s farm, Grandview, Mo. This was an interesting case because of the location. It was way out on the outskirts of K.C. on private owned farm land. The owner kept saying he was seeing a bright red Orb out on the horizon on most nights and that it would move in different directions for about twenty minutes before it would disappear. He did have enough acreage that you had to drive a four- wheeler to get to some of the locations where he had an Indian burial site and a location where there use to be an old one room school house, trading store and a drinking well. We went to the extreme far end where there was a large open field with nothing around except more farm land. We found an interesting spot about five acers long and walked on the tree line and we started getting our K-2’s to go to red at the far end. This went on for a few minutes then it stopped. We continued around the site and again at the same spot we had the K-2 go off again. We searched as to what could possibly be activating the equipment but we just couldn’t find anything. Because it was just the K-2 and no other equipment we can’t say it was some paranormal activity but we weren’t very far from the Indian burial site. We went there and made a blessing for them and the strangest thing happened to us. A flock of birds started flying in a circle right above us. There had to have been about fifty birds and they came out of nowhere. 1859 jail, Jackson County, Mo. This was a site that we investigated on three separate nights and captured some interesting evidence. Most of the different incidents happened on the second floor by the first jail cell on the left. We captured a few very good evp’s that were not just words but whole sentences. A picture of what appears to be a floating head by the large metal cell door going into the storage area in the back of that cell block. Outside in the patio area where the one room schoolhouse is located we captured an awesome picture of what appears to be the spirit of a cat walking across the patio. There were no animals in the area at the time. We had some food on the bench so someone was out there eating before, during and after the picture was taken and nobody saw any kind of animal. Di’s house, Sugar Creek, Mo. This is one of member’s house and she had just bought it and it was Pam’s and I’s first visit to the house. Diana didn’t say anything about what was going on and we were not really investigating it like a normal investigation. Diana said that she felt like there was something there and wanted Pam’s and my opinion on what we could possibly pick up. We visited for a bit then she started giving us a tour of her new home when I saw a large dog come up to me from the kitchen area. I could just make out his outline and he was really wagging is tail. I described the dog and it turns out that Diana’s Boxer had died just a few months before. We also picked up a couple of other male spirits in the house, one in the basement was an older man that would hide down there to smoke, guess he wasn’t allowed to smoke upstairs. The other one was a younger boy, late teens, early 20’s that was there for whatever reason and the last one was a civil war solider that stayed in the hall by the restroom. At least that’s what we thought, now like every other time these visions or incidents happen I want to make sure you people understand I DO NOT claim to have any abilities. They just happen to present themselves at different locations and times. I’m there and it happens, I can’t explain it except that if I go looking for them I’ve never been successful on making any kind of contact but if I’m just their open minded they seem to find me. I’m not like Pam, my wife who can see them and tell us what they want. Lakewood house, Mo. This is again another of our member’s house and the owner, Little Dave has been having things happening and he wanted us to see what we could find out. We arrived and started our investigation and Dave took us upstairs to an empty bedroom and asked us if they could sense anything in that room. I couldn’t feel anything but again when I go looking for things I get nothing. Some other members felt something but couldn’t put their finger on it and I think that by Dave leading the group to that room he implanted thoughts of something up there, I’m not saying there wasn’t, I just didn’t feel anything at that time. However, we proceeded down to the master bedroom and we started getting some very heavy feelings and it got harder to breath and it was mostly around the bed. We set up equipment and we started asking questions and we kept getting the feeling of the room being very hot. It took us about an hour and we thought we picked up on a child related to a school that somehow may have caught fire. About a week later we returned but this time we had LeAnna, one of my daughters with us and man did that make a difference for us. Right away, within minutes of walking into the house she said there was an old man upstairs in the back room that died of a stroke and he was in the corner of the last room. Right where David claimed to be having activity. Then she said there was a little girl in the room next to the master bedroom that died of a very high fever, that she kept saying she was on fire, that probably explains the fire thing we picked up the week before. LeAnna went on to say that the little girl was in the room next to the parents’ bedroom and that her spirit left her body at around three a.m. to get help from the parents but before she could the little girl passed away and what we have is the little girl repeating that event every once in a while. Right after she said this all of us heard a little girl scream and start crying on the stairs just outside the room, this happened a couple of times. House, Belton, Mo. This house did not have too much activity. The owner kept saying that they could see what seemed to be a nine- year-old boy on the upstairs landing running back and forth. We set up but he had some friends come over and they started drinking, so we shut it down and left. House, Greenwood, Mo. This has one of our more interesting pictures we captured that year. It appears to be a black shadow person walking a small dog at the top landing of the stairs in the house. There was also a training toilet to teach young kids how to potty and whenever you used it it would make a musical sound. This chair would go off for no reason. We checked it and it seemed to be fine, just don’t know on that one. We also had our K-2’s go all the way to red in just one bedroom and nowhere else in the house and that room was next to the landing where we captured the man and dog figures. Fatt Matt’s Bar, Kansas City, Ks. This was a very old bar which had been converted from a funeral home. It still had the body cooler, cremation furnace and body storage room in the basement. There had been reports that at night a biker group would meet there once in a while. They would close up the basement and would go outside just to see the lights all come back on. They would go back and turn them off again. One time one of the bikers saw a female figure in white just floating back by the table near the end of the bar. That was it for him. We did get some interesting things there, some good EVP’S and one incident where we think an entity didn’t want Pam sitting at the table and it caused her to have some strong chest and head pains that went away when she got up moved. She sat back down and nothing happened again. Fire House Bar, North Kansas City, Mo. We met the owner of the bar and made arrangements to set up like at 1 a.m. after the bar closed and we did this several times. We really didn’t capture too much to say if it was paranormal or even present it but the owner did have some great video of the cash register being open and money being removed with nobody present. It was just a dollar here and there. He had a video of one of his employees closing out the register when you see what appears to be an orb come around the corner and there is a loud sound, you see the guy look in that direction and take off running. This location, back in the late 1800s, used to be a hotel and we think that maybe the spirits of the people that owned and ran the hotel were still present. Some history check was done and it turns out a family of five ran the hotel for years until the depression and lost it. Mashon’s farm, Mo.: This was another interesting case where we captured some interesting video and had some neat experience’s. The video shows what appears to be two real cats playing and chasing a bug when out of nowhere a third cat appears from the floor and joins the action. The difference with the third cat is that it was a white see through mist that lasted just for a couple of seconds then disappeared. We also captured some interesting EVP’S and pictures out in the barn areas. We did set up some of our equipment down in one of the horse stalls under the house and we captured some awesome activity from whatever entities where down there. They had the K-2’s going to red most of the time we were asking them questions. Mashon said that there was an accident, a car wreck just up the road that some people that lived in that farm died and that she was also told that where the drive way is now is where they buried some of their pets. Doctor’s house, Mo.: This was one of the strangest cases of the year due to the fact that this doctor made all kinds of claims of ghostly activity. So, we set up and started investigating and right away just about everyone present picked up on the very heavy sensation in the master bedroom upstairs. The landing was active and we could hear someone with heavy boots walking upstairs, the only problem was there was no upstairs, it was her attic which she had never been up in. Two of our members where in the master bedroom when they both started contradicting each other. One had a good spirit that was older and the other member had a younger meaner spirit that was probably walking upstairs. They tried to gather as much info on these two entities as possible before we did a cleansing and it seemed to have worked because right after we were done the atmosphere in the entire house changed. Other investigations: Like other years, we have some cases that we can’t discuss because of confidentiality reasons, or we didn’t get enough evidence or anything to report on.