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Houses of Lone Jack, Missouri: 2010

(as told by group founder, Hector Lugo) Houses of Lone Jack: This investigation is different for numerous reasons. First, the houses being investigated are located on an old civil war battlefield. Second, they are right across from each other not more then a hundred feet. Third, both houses claimed to have paranormal activity. So far both houses have held up their end of the bargain by not only confirming the so claimed activity but exceeding the claims. Our team first arrived on Saturday, Aug.28, 2010 at about 10:00 p.m. The first residence we will refer to as House # 1 and the second house will be referred to as House # 2. House # 1 is located on the East side of the battlefield or the Union side, house # 2 is on the West side, more on the Confederate side of the battlefield. Both houses are very modern made dwellings built in the last 15 years, both houses are ranch style homes with attached garages and basements. We'll start with house # 1 since this was the original owner of contact. He and his family are the only owners of the house and have lived there for 13 years, they were never told by the contractor that the house had been built on a civil war battlefield, he found out a few years later when he talked with one of the Lone Jack Historical members that happen to be doing a survey that day. Now house owner # 1 at this time is a very skeptical individual and there are no such things as ghost. His wife had told him about an incident that happened a few years ago. His wife was downstairs in the kitchen area when she saw a small girl in a blue dress walk across the living room area. Thinking it was her daughter who had stayed home sick from school, she went looking for her and found her daughter asleep upstairs in her bed. She went on to describe the little girl as about seven years old with dirty blond hair and wearing a dirty blue dress. That was the first encounter, later more things started to happen, such as, drawers opening and closing for a few minutes in their sons bedroom but when they went up to check their son was also fast asleep. They have had banging on the walls, seen shadows at the top of the stairs, cold spots and they both had been touched and talked to while in bed and this is all very recent activity. There just was too much there that house # 1 wanted us to check it out so they could find out what was going on one way or the other. So on this August day we decided to set up a small introductory investigation. A small group of our team arrived and we started our normal routine of just asking questions and signing papers and just making small talk trying to get a read on the house, two of our sensitive members, Pam and Diana were present and started to roam around the house just to see if they could pick up on anything. We also had some small hand held equipment to assist on that first night. We did house # 1 for an hour or so and then we went across the street to house # 2 and did the same thing. We did the second house for about an hour or so also. I spoke with our team members and they both picked up on some very heavy activity in both houses but nothing negative, it seemed to both of them that the entities that were present seemed to be lost or confused souls and were seeking help and there were plenty of them, how many they couldn't tell at that time. We all agreed that both houses needed further investigating so we went and spoke with both home owners and their spouses at the same time and they agreed that more investigating was warranted. We agreed to return Saturday, Sept. 11th. Some of the people in the house were asking us questions so we decided to set up a class on that date also. Pam, Arnie (the group ordained Minister) and I arrived at about 6 p.m. to set up some equipment before the rest of the group arrived at 7 p.m. People started to arrive at about 6:30 at house # 1 and before we knew it we had 10 people show up for the class, so Arnie did the religious section and I did the scientific section. We addressed all their questions and explained how we conduct investigations and how some of the equipment worked. After the class, which lasted just over an hour we broke off into groups. by this time all the scheduled members had arrived and were ready to go. Arnie and Marylin took all ten classroom attendees and went across the street to start an investigation at the civil war cemetery. Another group of Richard, Jessica, Diana went with house # 2's owner and his wife to their house. Pam and I stayed at house # 1 with him and his wife. We set up four infra-red video cameras with a monitor and recorder, got it started and then walked around the house trying to find out where the most activity would be for that night. After about an hour we switched locations with the other group and did the same for about an hour there. At about 10 p.m. we all met at house # 1 and started to review our notes from each group and what they had encountered. I was also taking every one's camera cards and downloading them onto the laptop when the video equipment went off. Now I was close to the extension cord but I don't recall hitting the off switch at that time. I mean everything went off, I hit the switch to on and the video equipment showed a light that there was power but nothing would come on and when we finally got something it was all messed up. Camera four was where two was suppose to be and camera one was where 3 was suppose to be and all the time, date printed info on the display was unreadable. We tried everything we could think of to fix the problem and it just would not work, then out of the blue everything went back to normal like nothing happened, we still can't figure that one out. There was no power serge or outage while we were there. Meanwhile, while we were messing with the video equipment Rick, Joe, Jessica, and four others were all down in the basement playing around with some hand held equipment when they started getting hits on the K-2's and other meters they had. Rick went upstairs where Pam, wife of house #1and I were standing around talking and said ,"you better come downstairs, we think we have made contact and they want to talk." We went down and in the middle of the basement was owner of house # 1 standing there with the K-2 meter lit up all the way to red, then Rick added another K-2 and it too lit up all the way. So I took Ricks K-2 and did a parameter check of the area, checked all electrical items. outlets and I could only get a second light and that was when I placed the K-2 right on top of the item or location, none was near the middle of the floor where the activity was taken place. I then had Rick go upstairs and bring down some other meters and recorders to see what we could do. We also used a piece of equipment that our group implemented, it's a revised or restructured guitar tuner. A Korge -40 with modifications done so the entities can answer yes or no questions by lighting up the red light for yes and the green for no. After we set up the equipment and the video was checked to make sure we were recording we started. I started out with the normal method of introducing everyone present from our side and explaining that we only wanted to communicate with them at this time. That we too had request and questions we would like to ask of them. Explained how the equipment worked, red for yes, green for no and that they could also speak into the recorders we had lying around and leave messages if they wanted to. I did a test one final time of the equipment to make sure that nothing or no one was contaminating the session. I started with " Is there anyone here that would like to be the first to talk with us. All the equipment lit up and the tuner went to a red light that lasted about three seconds. I then proceeded with are you a male? A long green light which meant no came thru. So that means you are a female then? Red light and K-2's are going off to all red. I asked if I could get her age? Red light. Are you in your 20's? Green light, no. Are you older? Green light. So are you younger then 15? Red light. Younger then 10? Red light. So I started counting backwards. Are you 10? Green light, 9? Green light. 8? Green light. 7 Red light and k-2's all went to red. So we now have a 7 year old little girl. We next tried to get her name. To do this we started with the first name only and started with the alphabet. Each time we we got a letter right she would give us a red light until we got Kattie as her first name. It took a long time to get her name because she would confirm a letter then she would go upstairs into a locked bedroom and mess with the family dog. Each time she left the basement home owner #1 would say she's gone and the dog would start barking, then he would get a very cold feeling on his left side and he would say she's back and the dog would stop barking. It should be noted that we took a temperature reading of him at this time on his face and chest, the thermostat read 89.5 on his head and chest but on his left arm where he kept feeling her it dropped down to 47.8 degrees. This went on until we got her first name. Kattie was acting like a typical little seven year old girl with a short attention span, she loved to mess with the family dog. We got her to tell us about a game she would play were she would run with a round wheel and a stick. We then asked her if there was someone else here with her and we got reds for yes. We asked if it was a female and she responded in red. We asked if it was her mother and she gave us reds but the other entity with her would not respond to our questions other then to acknowledge that she was there. We then asked Kattie if there was a male here with her and she responded in red. We then started on her last name and got the letter "C" but she stopped answering, as a matter of fact we now started hearing some loud knocking on the walls and the equipment started going off all by itself with nobody saying a word or making a sound, just then between two people a cold feeling appeared to walk between them, they both reacted at the same time and started rubbing their arms like someone or something very cold had just touched them, someone else had come to talk. The whole atmosphere had changed in the basement, it wasn't negative or bad, it seemed like someone very important had entered and wanted to communicate. I again started off by asking if someone new had just entered and wanted to talk? All the equipment went to red and there were numerous knocks on the wall accompanying the answers. You could just sense that this entity demanded respect and was someone of authority. The question was asked if we were speaking with a male? Reds all over. Are you a civil war solider? Reds. We asked him if he was Union? green, no. So you are from the confederate side, right? Reds. You were not a civilian or one of Quntrails men? green. We asked if we could please get his name? red lights. so we started our process - first name, first letter. Is it an a? green. A "B"? red. so the first letter of the first name starts with a "B"? red. Second letter, again he lights up "B". Then he gives us an "R" and a "Y". So at this point we are all as confused with his answers as he is with my questions, so we started guessing at his name because the sequence of letters he was giving us just didn't make any sense at that time to us. We guessed Billy and we got a red, but we just could not figure out the rest, so we stuck with Billy and started on his rank. Was he a private? green. A Sargent? green. an officer? red. A Captain? All reds with knocks. So we had a Capt., so we asked him if it was alright to address him as Capt. for now, it seemed more respectful then Billy? reds with knocks on the walls. I then asked him if he had been shot in the head/neck area while on his horse? Red with very loud knocks. At this point it felt like there were other entities waiting to have there turn but it was getting late, so we made arrangements to continue the investigation on Saturday, Sept. 11Th at 7 p.m. We asked the entities if that would be okay with them and thanked them for communicating with us. we also explained to the entities that they could not follow anyone home, this was their home for now and not to bother the family members of the house in any way, this included the dog. We got reds and knocks. We thanked them again and started packing up our equipment and called it a night. The following day House owner # 1, "The Skeptic", did some research on confederate officers that were killed during the battle of Lone Jack and came across a Capt. William "Billy" Bryant that was shot by a sharpshooter in the temple area and fell on top of his men. He also found out that there was a Katie Chism that was born in 1886 and died in 1904 and is buried in the Lone Jack cemetery. Is this the same Katie we have been communicating with? At this point we are not sure because according to this info Katie died when she was 18 years old, the Katie we talked with claimed to be 7 years old, unless she wants us to see her at her best time during her life which could have been when she was seven years old. We need to research it further at this time. The picture below is a little blury due to the fact that the photographer was in motion when she took it. We had just walked in from the outside and started to set some of our equipment down when they started going off in our hands. There was nobody behind me or to the side, just Rick in front with some equipment in his hands also. As you can see there is what appears to be someone in a blue/white dress with the right arm visible in the door frame to the kitchen. Again, there was nobody there and we do not have anyone dressed like that present that night. We think it could possibly be Katie.
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This photo is a little blurry because the photographer was in motion when she took it. We had just walked in from outside and started to set some of our equipment down when they started going off in our hands. There was nobody behind me or to the side, just Rick in front with some equipment in his hands also. As you can see, there is what appears to be someone in a blue/white dress with the right arm visible in the door frame of the kitchen. Again, there was no one there, and we did not have anyone dressed like that there that night. We think it could possibly be Katie.
The picture was taken in House # 2's backyard. His property line is right where the main part of the battle should have taken place. The purple haze or mist is hard to explain, it showed up on about six pictures then disappeared.
The sequence is still in house # 2's backyard. As you can see the purple mist seemed to move around in front of us. You could sense its presence and follow it around for a short period of time.
The picture has a large orb just above my shoulder as Dave and I approach someone who is feeling something in that area. This is part of the battlefield where the Cave Hotel used to sit.
This picture is Darin in the cemetery with an orb just above him
This is the second house backyard by the tree line where some heavy fighting took place. Two guests are taking a picture with the purple mist close by.
This is the back yard of a house in Lone Jack where the tree line was during the battle.
Some of our members trying to communicate with the orb above them.
Orb in the Lone Jack Cemetary